Metropolitan Pacific’s philosophy is founded upon the principle that developers and
property owners play a fundamental role in cultivating the community and that they have
a responsibility to support uses that lead dynamic and sustainable neighborhoods.
Metropolitan Pacific strives to improve the community through well-conceived and
expertly executed urban development projects that enhance the lives of residents.


Metropolitan is recognized for its creative approach to complicated investment and
development situations. The company has successfully navigated the development process in
Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Manhattan Beach as well as other California
municipalities where a comprehensive understanding of the entitlement process and
construction related issues is paramount. The firm prides itself on its ability to structure complex
real estate transactions that require creative equity, debt and redevelopment solutions.


We approach our projects thoughtfully and evaluate all sides of the development. Because
of our ability to respond to opportunities quickly and intelligently with capital resources in
place, we have built a proven track record of successfully investing in opportunities
including individual assets as well as portfolios. We collaborate with the best consultants in
their respective fields to best facilitate a joint and impartial solution and our focus enables us
to address the fluid challenges of development and migrate risk.